Bella Massage
Basic Swedish Massage. Medium pressure full body massage that has been shown to be helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness and stress while increasing circulation.
60min - $90
90min - $115

Deep Tissue Massage
Full body massage using sustained deep pressue designed to relieve tension in muscles and the connective tissue.
60min - $100
90min - $125

This massage will target the neck, back and shoulders to provide relief for the man or woman on the go.
30min - $50

Hot Stone Massage
Smooth, polished lava stones are heated and used throughout this therapeutic deep heat massage designed to soothe and relax.
60min - $120
90min - $145

Pregnancy Massage
Provides relief from backache, shoulder tension and fatigue commonly caused by pregnancy. (Contraindicated during first trimester)
60min - $100

Foot Reflexology
An intense foot treatment that relieves stress, fatigue and pain in the body by applying thumb and finger pressure to reflex points throughout the foot.
30min - $40
30min w/ hot stone - $50

Couples Massage
Includes Bella Massage for two with a complimentary glass of wine
60min - $200
90min - $240