Bella Massage
Basic Swedish Massage. Medium pressure full body massage that has been shown to be helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness and stress while increasing circulation.
50min - $95
80min - $120

Deep Tissue Massage
Full body massage using sustained deep pressue designed to relieve tension in muscles and the connective tissue.
50min - $105
80min - $130

The Ultimate Massage- 
The only massage you will ever need. A full body costumized treatment, combining different types of massage techniques fit to your needs. Costomized use of Sweedish massage, pressure point work, and energy balancing, to address areas of tension and leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.
50min- $115
80min- $140

This massage will target the neck, back and shoulders to provide relief for the man or woman on the go.
30min - $55

Hot Stone Massage
Smooth, polished lava stones are heated and used throughout this therapeutic deep heat massage designed to soothe and relax.
50min - $125
80min - $150

Pregnancy Massage
Provides relief from backache, shoulder tension and fatigue commonly caused by pregnancy. (Contraindicated during first trimester)
50min - $110

Foot Reflexology
An intense foot treatment that relieves stress, fatigue and pain in the body by applying thumb and finger pressure to reflex points throughout the foot.
30min - $55
30min w/ hot stone - $65

Couples Massage
Includes Bella Massage for two with a complimentary glass of wine
50min - $200
80min - $255

Tension Tamer Massage
This treatment focuses on relieving tension where stress manifests the most, shoulders, neck, jaw, and around the eyes. Will increase circulation, soothe nervous tension and calm anxiety
40min - $80

 Are your muscles strained from all of the biking, kayaking, running,etc. you have been doing this summer? Take care of your lower back, legs, and glutes.
40min. $80