Makeup Consultation-
We invite you to spend up to 30 Mins with one of our artists, to play with some new makeup shades, or get tips on new trends! 

Teen Makeup Consultation-
Get your teen off to the right start. At this experimental age, makeup can be friend or foe. Our artists will spend up to 30 Mins teaching the proper use of makeup, with a focus on natural beauty.

Make up Consultations by Appointment only.
Each $20 or free with makeup services appointment.

Makeup Application- $65
If you have a special event, have your makeup professionally applied. We'll make you look fantastic, and give your make up "staying power" to last all day - or night.
Add False Eyelashes Application for only $15

Makeup Lesson- $60
If you're in a rut, applying your makeup the same old way, season after season, then it's time for a Makeup Lesson! Bring your makeup bag with you and spend up to one hour with one of our artists. Learn how to maximize your features (and minimize your flaws) while making seasonal trends work for you, and leave with a confident new look!